Mar 15, 2011

Disney - The Deets.

Pre-Day #1:

Pre-Disney was in the car the day before. Which far exceeded my expectations of what a good little traveler Hallie Mason truly is. She rocked the roadtrip. She was calm, quiet (most of the time), not whiny at all and only asked "when are we there?" 18 million times. I would much rather that than any whining or crying!

We picked Dave up in Kentucky and arrived about 11pm in Atlanta. It was so good to see Megan! We were pretty sleepy after the 10 hour car ride, so we didn't chat too long, but she woke up bright and early (and made coffee!) for our early send off the next morning. I love that girl.

So Day #1 - Disney aka the Day of Chaos aka the Day My Plans Fell Apart.
We checked into our resort and got packed up to head to Hollywood Studios. On the itinerary, it said to catch our lunch reservations at the 50's Prime Time Diner, but I ended up cancelling because I wasn't sure we would get there in time. Good thing....because we didn't.

We did, however, catch the 3pm Pixar Pals parade, which rocked Hallie's socks off. It was a great way to welcome ourselves to Disney.

We then caught the next show time for Beauty and the Beast...which again, rocked our socks off. Dave was enthralled with the lighting and sound equipment (nerd). Hallie was obsessed with the songs and the costumes and how the heck that rose blanket made the beast change back into the prince (!). I was in love with watching both of their reactions. I wasn't sure how either of them would react. It was priceless.

And then after the show things sort of fell apart. We weren't sure what to do next. Do we do the Muppet 3-D? Voyage of the Little Mermaid? Walk around? I couldn't get myself acclimated to this park and it was packed. Since Fantasmic was that evening, the crowd levels were out of control.

So Hallie made the executive decision to go back to the resort and go swimming. A very wise decision. We hit up the pool and took naps afterwards.

We ended up eating at the resort and then decided to head back to Hollywood Studios to catch the Fantasmic Show. It's a lights/lasers/fireworks/water show thing. It sounded cool - people raved about it. We might as well see it, right?


Totally worth me standing in line for 30 minutes while Dave and Hallie wheeled around in the stroller. Totally worth the f-bombs Dave was throwing out over the phone when he got lost trying to get back to me when the line was moving really fast. It was totally worth the giant crowds of people. Totally.

It was incredible. One of the COOLEST things I have ever seen. And it is impossible to see how cool it was from the pictures.

After the show we headed back to the resort and passed out. Big time.

It was a very fun (and mucho stressful) way to start our Disney stay. Whew. More to come.

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